Buddy Program. Not a classical perspective!

The Buddy Program welcomes new employees in DTSE CZ and helps them to get orientation and familiar within the organization, understand its culture and structure.

The program is coordinated by the Communication Specialist, along with HR and managers support.

Through this onboarding and knowledge transfer method, we assign the new employees to a workplace buddy, who is an experienced employee providing guidance during the first weeks in the company.

According to our Buddy Program survey, new joiners of DTSE CZ feel connected with the company, in a shorter period of time. Moreover, they are helping us in shaping the tool!


On the other side of the coin, we believe the Buddy Program is not only helpful for the newcomers.

Even if the Buddy is expected to fulfill certain tasks and to make sure the start of new employees is smooth, we give freedom of scheduling agenda and introducing new topics into the Program, depending on timing and needs.
Indeed, buddies will experience a stimulating journey of discovery and self-development; this means of course opportunities for personal growth.  Buddies can benefit from the program as they will develop certain skills, such as communication and coaching skills, which are necessary to become future leaders.
We also appreciated their contribution to developing a feedback culture within our organization. 

 “Starting a job in a new company means much new information, new people and tools and can be hard sometimes. Therefore, we have more than 8 Certified Buddies, helping us in developing the program and to ensure our new employees enjoy a pleasant experience while settling down in DTSE”. added the coordinator of the program.