Communities of Practice in DTSE CZ

The (Communities of Practice) COP are a medium in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe to enable a group of people to explore new ways of working together and networking beyond national boundaries. According to the motto #TOGETHER-STRONG, the COP allows sharing of knowledge and experience and help members in their daily work. COPs are a great way to learn by doing and getting involved in practical tasks and in addition, to get to know colleagues from all over the world.

How does it work?

This international program is open to all international DTSE employees, who voluntarily decide to make an impact within our organization and take a chance for personal development!

This year we had the opportunity to create multicultural groups of people working on six different areas: Digitalization, Communication, Process Excellence, International Collaboration, Project Management and Design Thinking. The focus can in general cover everything from working on practical issues to generating new methodologies or train colleagues.

Through DTSE COPs, employees can share knowledge and expertise among the group and establish collective values and standards across the four countries. Colleagues also can benefit from diversity, getting to know new cultures, but also by having the possibility to deep dive in topics they are interested in and built up knowledge!