Innovative workplace: the PMO

The Project Management Office (PMO) is the central point for controlling and maintaining the project management system within Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic. It supports all the projects and delivers tools, standards and guidelines to all project managers.

The PMO helps with a variety of tasks:

It ensures uniform PM standards and quality, as it makes specifications and instructions available to all project teams. The PMO ensures that project managers use the same methods and tools in all stages.  

Second, the PMO can also help in the operational area and provides a few services, such as help with the organization of workshops and the collection and documentation of the project progress for project managers. In addition, it is also possible to receive training through the PMO if needed.  

Last, the PMO sets up several events throughout the year. Every couple of months there is a PMO Breakfast for all Project Leads and the PMO team to exchange ideas and suggestions and to update the team on the latest successes. Twice a year the PMO organizes a Project Day where all DTSE CZ colleagues can get a closer look at current projects and give feedback. 

This promotes transparency and trust within DTSE CZ and allows colleagues to experience what we do here and share their thoughts on it.