Job Rotation - The first step for a career change

In an environment where employees are looking for chances, it is important to offer them opportunities to stay challenged and motivated. This is why a few months ago we have launched the Job Rotation Program.

Under this program, each employee can work for three weeks in a different position within our organization, instead of spending all the time in a single position. 

One of the reasons we launched the Job Rotation is the big potential for the development of our employees as they can gain better understanding of the different roles and the ‘big picture’, how the organization operates. The deeper understanding can improve the ability to work in their regular job position. 

The program also enhances the understanding of employee’s personal interests and hidden talents. They can find out in which direction their career path goes and gain new skills. This can bring to an improvement in their ability to perform various tasks and increases their motivation to learn. Two colleagues who took part in the program have changed their position after joining the program.

Finally yet importantly, job rotation provides great networking opportunities within the organization. As the employees move from a team to another or a department to another, they are able to make new connections, which can be important in terms of future career opportunities.