Job Rotation: Štefania's experience


Štefánia took part in the Job Rotation program and experienced working in the Communication department for 3 weeks. When we asked her for an interview, she was excited and wanted to share her experience.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Štefánia Rakarová and I am working at DTSE CZ in Brno as Procure To Pay Technical Support Specialist for over 2 years. I am one of the 6 team members supporting a sourcing platform called OneSource. In our team, I focus on learning new applications and tools and sharing the information further. From time to time, I organize trainings about a tool called Greenshot. In my private life, I am a crazy cat lady and a nature lover.

Why did you decide to join the Job rotation program?

While working in my current position, I gained a solid overview of the responsibilities and tasks within the team and I got the need to increase my knowledge and to learn more about the background of DTSE CZ.  

I have always been interested in new technologies and processes making our life easier and I would also say I am a curious person. At DTSE CZ we have an internal bot called Chuck, whose “father “ is our colleague Michi from the Communication department. I wanted to learn more about the bot and therefore I applied for the job rotation program. The paradox is that I had found the relevant information about the Job rotation via Chuck.

How much time did you spend in the Communication department and what were your tasks?

I spent 3 working weeks in the Communication department. Because of the pandemic situation, the Job rotation took place mostly virtually from the home office.

The tasks were well structured. I always started at 8 a.m., then I had a meeting with my mentor Michi to speak about the daily plan. When needed, we had also a check-out meeting to summarize the outcome.

My tasks could be divided into 3 fields:

  • Communication – attending the meetings and presenting the new ideas
  • Chatbot Chuck – training it, bringing ideas of his improvement, and presenting them to colleagues
  • Trainings and further personal development

What new did you learn? Can you use this knowledge in your current position?

I learned to see my professional career from a fresh perspective. I realized it is more important to use the time spent at work and learn each day something new. Because you never know where and when a new opportunity occurs and you have to be prepared to adapt to the new situation.

Well, in my current position I use Chuck more than before and I started a 3-week course in Data Science in Coursera.

What was the biggest challenge for you during the rotation?

To be physically in the office on time after almost one year of working from home. 

How would you motivate your colleagues to join the Job rotation program?

I just tell them to build a network with colleagues within DTSE CZ and #staycuriousandgrow! Ask the others about their responsibilities and also yourself, what would you like to do for your future career.