My internship in DTSE CZ: Michaela' s experience.


We offer the possibility of internships for students. Michaela, a student of Adult education, completed a two-month internship in the HR department and described in a brief interview her impressions and how the whole internship went.

Why did you apply for an internship at DTSE CZ and what were your expectations? Have you taken part in a similar internship in the past?

I felt from the very beginning I made the right choice. During the first days, I got to know the daily tasks and thanks to the friendly and natural behaviour of the entire team; I had no problem to adapt to the corporate environment, which is very new for me. I appreciate the helpful approach of the entire team who explained everything to me. When I needed a consultation, they were always there for me.

I was working on HR and Recruitment processes. For example, I have worked specifically on job descriptions, onboarding pages, creating templates for email communication, mapping reports, preparing Welcome Day for newcomers and much more.

Another positive aspect is the time flexibility. I could spread my work according to my time schedule, and I didn’t feel any time pressure.

How did you like our company? Is there anything that surprised you during your internship? Could you evaluate our company culture and atmosphere?

I positively perceived the approach of all the employees. I felt a friendly atmosphere and the communication was natural and relaxed.

The corporate language surprised me a lot. Many words had their own acronym, which I’ve never heard before and it took me a while to get used to this language. Even after a month in the company, my colleagues had to translate a lot of concepts and explain. 

As for company culture, before coming to DTSE CZ, I didn’t really know what this term meant. Thanks to this internship, I understood what company culture is. I believe important values in DTSE CZ are open communication and workplace satisfaction. It was nice to see that no one was counting the minutes until leaving home. I think that’s an indicator of the right company culture.

How was the cooperation with the HR team? What areas did you focus on within HR?

Working with the team was fantastic. We dealt with common HR activities (working with personal documents etc.) and solving unusual situations and problems. The work was very diverse.

It was great to watch the whole HR team at work. I’ve found it very important how people within the team can communicate with each other and what the relaxed team atmosphere is about.

What do you take away from your internship? Did the internship help you in your future career?

I take a lot of knowledge and new experience. Thanks to this internship, I can imagine what HR work in a corporate environment can look like. I have always imagined this work mainly administrative, but I found it much more diverse and interesting.

It may sound like a phrase, but after this experience, I believe that a talented team is the most important thing at work. I felt great in the HR team, the positive energy was all around and even when there was a problem, we immediately went to find a solution.

Would you recommend a similar experience to other students? Why?

Definitely yes. Such an experience is invaluable. This is the only way a person finds out what means working in such a company. I found out that I would like to work in a similar environment after finishing my studies. I was enjoying my duties, colleagues, time flexibility, corporate culture. I was very lucky that I found this opportunity in DTSE CZ. I am grateful for this experience and I think it will play a key role in choosing my future profession.