My internship at DTSE CZ: Paula's experience


Meet Paula, a German Student from Deutsche Telekom, who supported the Communication Team earlier this year.

Tell us something about you, who are you?
Hi, I’m Paula, 21 years old and a dual student at Deutsche Telekom AG in Business Administration. I live in Dresden and for more than 15 years I am doing gymnastics in my hometown, Niesky. The acrobatic team is like a second family for me, we spend lots of time together and great friendships arose from the sport. I am a happy, open-minded and goal-oriented person. I love to explore new things and places with my friends and family, but I also enjoy being on my own and reading a good book.

Why did you apply for an internship at DTSE CZ?
Thanks to the dual study at Deutsche Telekom, I had the opportunity to apply for an assignment abroad. I’ve chosen DTSE CZ in Brno because I liked the detailed way the job was described and my first contact with Mai (Oumaima Boussouab) was really open-hearted, so I knew I did the right choice. I also liked the city Brno, that was definitely another aspect. 

What were your expectations? And what tasks were you entrusted with? 
I think my only expectation was to improve my English, learn maybe new skills and hopefully work with a nice team. And that’s what happened. I already knew from the application that I would work with the communication team on internal and external tasks. Among other things I was entrusted with creating new designs for Social Media posts, preparing events, taking photos of workshops and prime new content marketing plans. 

How did you like our company? Could you describe our company’s culture and atmosphere? 
I was welcomed with open arms at your company. Everybody was nice, and I liked that I could meet lots of people from different areas and also some of your colleagues from Slovakia. The office is open for everyone. I also had the chance to celebrate the 6th anniversary of DTSE CZ with you. 

What was your highlight?
My highlight was the All Hands Meeting with the DTSE Management Board and the visit of the DTSE Supervisory Board. 
During the two days, you could get to know the various members of DTSE and Deutsche Telekom personally and learn about the exciting projects of the Digitalization Team at DTSE CZ. 

What new things did you learn, and what would you like to do in the future? 
I've definitely gotten more comfortable with Canva and social media marketing. I was able to test my creativity when creating designs and of course improve my English, especially in the conversations that arose during the breaks or with colleagues I met by chance. 
Personally, this experience has also shown me that you should take every opportunity to further your education or simply to gain new experiences that you get. You also learn a lot about yourself.

Would you recommend a similar experience to other students? Why? 
Like I mentioned, you learn something new by doing different things. Every student, regardless the module or degree, should take such chances to improve themselves. 
I think everybody can learn something from it, whether it is something job related or personal or language improvement. 
For me, I could definitely see myself again working abroad to get to know new cultures or countries. Maybe not forever, but definitely for a bit of time.