DTSE and the Metrostav Handy Cyklo Maraton

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe supported the Metrostav Handy Cyklo Maraton 2018!

At the beginning of August, five colleagues spent their Volunteer Day helping with the organization of the race.

The event took place at the Faculty of Sport at the Masaryk University in Brno-Bohunice.

This amazing project brings together healthy and handicapped people and shows how strong we can be together.

What is the Metrostav Handy Cyklo Maraton about? This 5 days non-stop bicycle race is 2.222 km long and it goes through the Czech Republic! The teams include handicapped and healthy people, men and women, amateurs and professionals. The main importance of the event is not the race itself, but the joy and power that these mixed groups have.

Our volunteers had a great opportunity to help, have fun and try how it feels to ride a special bike for handicapped people and support the participants.

The atmosphere there was fantastic, and even though the weather was hot all the racers demonstrated great performance.

Big respect to them and we are already looking forward to the next season.