Knowledge is for sharing - Train the Trainer

A few months ago we launched the program „Peer to Peer training” as we believe that workplace training by colleagues is a highly effective way to transfer knowledge and skills throughout the organization.

The Program

Our Employees may come up with proposals for training in areas where they could provide specific work-related knowledge to other colleagues. The proposal contains description and training plan including level, duration, and target group. Such a proposal is discussed and assessed by the HR Department. 

We also put effort into enabling our employees to get things done, so we wanted to offer our employees all the tools and resources needed to provide such training. Therefore, if the application has been successfully evaluated, the employee is entitled to complete the “Train the Trainer” training. 

During April, we held on our premises the first session of this training, which was provided by ICT PRO. We could appreciate not only the professionalism and quality of the lectures but also their flexibility in the customization of the course.

The Train the Trainer training in detail 

The interactive form allowed our employees to learn about how to define the characteristics of participants and various types of training events. The attendees learned how to design and develop their own training event, including the analysis, preparation and implementation of a part of the training. 

Additionally, the training covered key trainer competencies and rules of coping with challenging situations, when delivering the training. The course also dealt with time management and the use of evaluation methods, which is a necessary part of the trainers' skills. 

Ondřej is one of our Trainer in PowerPoint, read his full story here.