My Job as: Accounts Payable Team

Today we asked a couple of questions, during a coffee session, to our colleagues from the Accounts Payable Team to find out more about their experience in DTSE CZ.

Who are you?

Accounts Payable Team. We are a group of 16 awesome people. 

What does it mean to be an Accounts Payable accountant?

In general, you are responsible for processing invoices. You dive into the world of accounting and business transactions. You verify financial data and assemble invoices to be completed for payment and moreover, you’ll be prepped and confident in working in SAP, one of the world's leading software programs.

What do you like most about your job?

We like the experience that you gain and the possibility to grow further in a company that is grooming you to be one of their finest. The flexibility and the good team atmosphere are a huge plus. Suggestions for improvement and people's opinions are always heard and appreciated. We're using German and English on a daily basis plus people's native languages. We like the mix of cultures and the friendly faces in the office. So if you have the munchies, there is always something baked or fresh fruits around.

How can candidates get in touch with you?

You can stop us on the streets. But you do not know us yet. So write to DTSE on LinkedIn, Facebook.