Best City in Czech Republic? Brno

What is the best city in the Czech Republic to live in? Probably many people would have answered Prague, but actually, Prague is not the right answer!

It is a highly contested title, but after asking over 300,000 people from more than 8000 cities, Numbeo came up with an answer. So, a big clap for Brno!

It may not be Czech Republic’s largest city, but dynamic Brno is the place that has the highest quality of life from all cities in the Czech Republic.

According to, this evaluation was made considering aspects like cost of living, location, housing affordability, crime rates, health system quality and commute times.

Another interesting fact about Brno is its central location in Europe. The importance of the city location goes back to the ancient times when Brno was a trade center on the Amber Road trade route.

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