Expats in Czech Republic

InterNations, leading network & guide for expats, conducted the yearly survey, named "Expat Insider", to assess the quality of life as expats in different countries. More than 12,500 respondents, living in more than 180 countries took part in the survey.

We decided to have a look at data for the Czech Republic, and the results show an interesting trend, describing the satisfaction of expats with their lives in the country. According to the results, some highlights, make the Czech Republic a great destination both for juniors and seniors. 

In the Working Abroad Index, Czech Republic came to be 1st out of 65 countries, with expatriates being satisfied with their jobs as well as work-life balance. Additionally, career perspectives play also an important role for foreigners, as more than the half valued this aspect positively.

To settle down has been defined easy by more than 60% of interviewed expats. This is more than the global average, which stops at 59%. According to respondents, to have a full integration with Locals is important to learn the Language. However, 57% of them does not think is hard to live in the country without speaking Czech. 

Last but not least, families. The results show that is easy to raise children in the country, compared to other destinations, and highlight a friendly attitude towards families with kids. More information on the Expat Insider survey for the Czech Republic can be found at Internations.org