From Hungary to Brno: Antal's experience

Today we asked our colleague Antal Kardos to share his experience as a newcomer to Brno with you, as well as his role in the company.

Who are you? Where are you from?

My name is Antal Kardos and I come from Debrecen, Hungary. I studied Business Development at the University of Debrecen and at the University of Würzburg, Germany. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, snowboarding, and swimming

What is your role in DTSE CZ?

I work as Order and Invoice Clearing Expert (OIC). I am responsible for the EDI Invoices and various other tasks related to their booking. We are a very good team of 5 people. I like my colleagues a lot, because of their professionalism. And we know how to have fun together, it’s indeed a true team spirit!

When did you move to Brno?

I came to Brno in March this year, just a couple of days before I joined DTSE CZ. I had some time to explore the city, go around and experience the magical atmosphere of Brno. Actually, after 10 days in Brno, I went to Leipzig for 3 weeks because of training purposes. It was a totally new beginning for me. I can still remember the excitement!

Why did you move to Brno?

Moving to Brno was a great choice! I was searching for a new professional and personal challenge abroad because in Hungary I couldn’t use my language skills so much. 

How do you enjoy Brno and Czech culture?

In the beginning, I thought it is a medium size town, but after the second month and some awesome bike tours, I realized that Brno is bigger and better than I could imagine. There are a lot of opportunities for various free time activities. I have to say there is a huge amount of great restaurants, music clubs, and pubs.

Pertaining to the Czech culture, my opinion is that the best way to know or understand a new culture is through the language. I don’t know a lot of words so far, but the beer tastes the best here :)

Would you suggest Brno to other people?

Sure, definitely a big YES. I learned a lot of new things here about myself. It was as well a good step for my professional career. I can highly recommend the city and DTSE CZ.