Our Experience at Job Fair Brno 2017

Time flies! Our Team had a great time at the Job Fair Brno 2017. Generally speaking, many people out there believe job fairs are, at a certain level, obsolete and old fashion. We disagree and state that Job Fairs are a great opportunity to network and make positive first impressions!

Job Fair gives candidates the opportunity of meeting and interacting with recruiters face to face. Just think, a job seeker, which better opportunity you have to make personal connections? This is a unique one. On the other side, companies like us can tremendously benefit from events like this and we are glad to take part in them!

What did we learn this year?

We celebrated our first birthday on 25th October 2017 but officially our first employee joined DTSE Czech Republic only in January 2017, this means less than one year on the ground. So, thanks to this opportunity we could develop strong brand awareness at a local level and especially among job seekers, students and other employers.

Furthermore, we are very happy we received a positive feedback regarding our activities and this makes us proud!

Last but not least, we had the possibility to gain access to a large number of candidates to whom our representatives presented our job opportunities.

We definitely prefer to have a conversation with real people rather than resumes.

In case, you did not take part in the Job Fair, feel free to have a look at our Job Openings.