Our Office

Since the foundation here in Brno, many things have changed. New colleagues have joined our family, new faces, new stories. It is almost one year and we are looking forward to our first Birthday on the 25th of October.

We believe one factor influencing how employees feel about work is the surrounding environment.

What belongs actually to work environment?

Everything that represents part of employees’ engagement with the work itself, such as the relationship with co-workers and supervisors, organizational culture and room for personal development.

In our office, we trust and respect each other. This is why one of the main pillars of our culture is open and clear communication. 

Working collaboratively among each other is very crucial in order to achieve our goals. We cooperate, using our individual skills and providing constructive feedback.

We focus on customer satisfaction but we do not forget to balance between work and personal life. We work on the best possible equilibrium between employee's priorities of their employment position and their private life. At Deutsche Telekom Services Europe in Brno, we strongly believe that to have this sense of balance will improve job satisfaction among employees.

To work in a clean, attractive office has tremendous effects on co-worker and manager relationships, and DTSE has definitely a cool office! 

We are on our way to become industry's top service company. For this reason we are looking for open-minded people to be part of our center of excellence! Let us share experience and ideas to grow together.

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