Why should everyone use Celonis? We asked Adam!


Adam Štefanča, member of the Data Analytics team and also a member of our Digitalization Community.

We have asked him a few questions about Celonis, process mining tool and why everyone should the tool to improve process mining and make decisions based on facts.

How would you describe Celonis?

Celonis is a reporting and process mining tool. You can use the standard features as visualizing data in dashboards together with process mining features. Both features are very rich and there is plenty of options on how to visualise the data. There are plenty of big companies, which have also adopted Celonis as their primary tool for reporting and process mining.

How does Celonis help Process Mining?

With Celonis, process mining for the end-user is easy. Data Scientists in our team prepare the data. They also create activities. Activities are basically parts of the process, that are specified and named.

For example „Vendor creates invoice“. There are many different activities, which are created based on customers requirements. Once Celonis gets the data, it automatically creates a visualisation of the process. Afterwards, it is really easy for anybody to understand the process and possibly find areas for improvements.

Which are some of the Use Cases you are working on?

There are core projects, that we are working on such as PTP (Procure to Pay) and also some younger projects such as GAC, Real-time alerting or Salesforce. Other processes and projects, for example, HR or Recruiting can be also analyzed.

Which are the benefits of using Process Mining?

Process mining provides the ability to see the whole process and use different KPIs and filters on top of it. So if you want to benchmark how does the process look now and how did it look one year ago, you can do it in 5 minutes. If you want to see how automation affects the efficiency of the process you can also see it very easily.

I think that process mining enables us to finally understand very complex processes and to make decisions based on the insight we get.

Who should start using Celonis?

I think, that Celonis can bring a lot of benefits to all of us. And I would like to see more people using it.