The Healthy and Fun week

It is time for healthy and funny activities!

We have never stopped promoting sports and healthy habits among our colleagues, but this time we decided to do more! All in one week: the healthy and fun week, happening in October from the 7th until the 11th.  
During this week we want to raise awareness of how impactful healthy habits are for our body and mind. Our core message is that well-being is a matter of mindest.

What is it all about?


It is about bringing mindfulness to our office. The program includes mindfulness and meditation workshops and Yoga sessions.


We want to inspire healthy eating habits. On this day, our colleagues can join workshops with nutritionists, body mass analysis and podoscope check.


It is about promoting healthy lifestyle. So what about stretching classes and football?


We want to give something back to society! So our colleagues can enjoy wrapping gifts for children of the Pediatric Oncology department of KRTEK.


We offer colleagues some funny activities, with F1 and snowboard simulators.

We wish our colleagues a lot of fun!