Your Benefits as Employee

As a company, we took responsibility for offering our employees the right combination of benefits in order to provide a balance between work and private life. From a team dedicated to our health offer (Stretching, Yoga, Massages, Football) to free refreshment in our office.

Can you tell us more about your role? 

My name is Jakub Mišinger. I started working in DTSE CZ during my internship during 2017 and I am working full time since October 2018. At the moment, I am working in the field of Data Privacy & Security but I also cooperate with our HR department in the area of employee benefits. 

Can you give us an overview of  benefits offered?

In DTSE CZ we provide several benefits for our colleagues. Ranging from rather standard benefits such as Multisport, (Cafeteria) Benefity or Sodexo, to special ones such as T-Mobile vouchers or Makro card. Moreover, our HR team is constantly optimizing benefits and tracking the situation on the market. 

How hard is to find benefits that meet the needs of the majority of people?

Colleagues have different needs. Some prefer sports, others relax. In DTSE CZ we are aiming at fulfilling the needs of all. That’s the reason we have several options to balance between Multisport and Cafeteria and also provide other benefits that we perceive are interesting. I believe we are doing well but constant improvement a development is what we are focusing on.  

How important is to be updated with all new benefits popping up on the market?

It is fundamental! I believe that constant tracking and keeping up-to-date with the needs of the market no business can run properly. No matter whether benefits or any other aspect of the business.

Which is your favourite benefit?

My favourite personally is the Multisport card. The reason is that I enjoy sports both actively and passively. With DTSE CZ I am able to have my Multisport Card for half price but also enjoy my Cafeteria points. I also like T-Mobile vouchers that cut my tariff costs on the phone.