Where the journey takes you?

We hire people who not only own the right skills but also share our vision. We want you to embrace our culture and proposition. You should value cooperation and enjoy challenging the status quo. We know hiring processes may seem overwhelming, but we want to keep it simple. So what does the process look like?

1 CV review

Interested in an open position? Send in your CV. Be sure to include all important details. A little tip from us: pay attention to grammar, and your CV should ideally not be longer than 2 pages. Follow the rule “less is sometimes more”.

CV review

2 Prescreening call

What can you expect here? We will ask you about your motivation, it will be nice if you share your work experience with us and describe your hard skills. A language test can also be part of the call. You will also have the space to ask what interests you and you did not find in the advertisement.

Prescreening call

3 Interview

Probably the most important part of the entire process. There is always a Recruiter and a manager. Prepare questions for the interview so you can get a complete picture of what the role entails, what team you would work in and what a normal working day looks like.


4 Practical task / Assessment Center

We organize the Assessment Center mostly for positions which falls under the area of people management. It also might happen that we ask our candidates to work on some practical task to verify their hard skills (e.g. SQL).

Practical task / Assessment Center

5 Job offer

We have selected you as the best candidate, we liked each other, it is then time for the Job Offer. If you accept the offer, you become part of Magenta family.

Job offer

Questions? Katka has the answers!

Katka Malcová has been working with us since 2019. She started in the company as an HR intern and grew from an HR admin position to an HR Generalist. She has extensive experience in interviewing candidates and is keen to give some additional information on the recruiting process and answer questions frequently asked by candidates.

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