What sets us apart: THINK BIGGER

Growing with innovations 

In our centre of Excellence in Brno, we have solid expertise in accounting, data analytics, finance, strategy and business development. Empowering over 140 employees to share ideas, innovate, we are a secure place for pioneers to discover and shape the future of products and services.

We are moving beyond being just a service provider. Striving for excellence is not a mere buzzword for us, it is our daily life. 

At Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic, we are automating and digitizing our services to deliver value-adding solutions to our customers on a global scale. This makes us as diverse as the customers we serve. 

Being obsessed with the customer

Our customers are national telecom providers like T-Mobile Czech Republic, Magyar Telekom Hungary, T-Mobile Poland and other Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries. With them, we share the same logo, the same spirit, and we are part of the same big Magenta Telekom family. 

With our innovative services, we are a reliable and trusted partner for our customers. Year after year, we keep being the service provider of choice within the Deutsche Telekom Group. 

And all this, thanks to our People! We appreciate and recognize the hard work our team puts in order to build a friendly yet customer-obsessed culture. 

We are founded and awarded with “Investor of the year”


We are operational and launch first services


We are over 100 People


We extend our services and customers portfolio


Join us and see that!


We keep growing by #makingithappen


This is our culture, does it fit yours?

Thinking out of the box 
Every change starts with an idea and mindset. We keep questioning the status quo regularly and you will never hear the sentence “We have always done it like this”.

Taking accountability
Our people are driving projects from start to execution with the courage of developing ideas that affect the whole company. We trust. 

Giving feedback
We give feedback to everyone within teams, across teams and hierarchies. Can you imagine a place where improvements happen without feedback? We can’t! Therefore, in our open and respectful work environment, everyone is expected to receive and to share feedback. 

Winning is a team sport. We love working together as a team, and we discuss issues openly listening to different opinions. We work hard to develop strong relationships among teams and with our partners to serve our growing Customer base. We give Kudos to each other, share gratitude, learnings and successes. 

People being first
Fairness begins with us! We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation and creativity and commits to building a culture where everyone feels included.


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Deutsche Telekom Group worldwide

Deutsche Telekom, leading telecommunications company in Europe has its main offices in Bonn. Deutsche Telekom Group focuses on two main areas of business: IT infrastructure & software solutions offered by the T-Systems companies (e.g. T-Systems France, T-Systems Belgium, T-Systems Slovakia etc ) and telecommunication solutions offered by Telekom/T-Mobile companies (e.g. T-Mobile Czech Republic, Telekom Romania, T-Mobile Polska etc). The Deutsche Telekom Group offers communication solution for 245 million mobile customers, 25 million fixed-network lines, and 21 million broadband lines and more than 8 million TV customers. Worldwide, Deutsche Telekom employs 207,000 people in more than 50 countries.

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