Experience DTSE CZ as a student!

Who is the ideal student?

We look for students eager to learn and to get involved from the first day in DTSE CZ. Our people are highly motivated and interested in gaining professional experience during their studies. Since the beginning, we care about a full integration in the team and students are guided along their journey through a Mentorship program.

Either joining our Internship Programs or writing a Thesis with us, you have the chance to work on realistic and innovative projects, and take responsibility. You are creative with an innovative mindset, ready to build up your career in an international environment. During your studies, you will have the great opportunity to gain work experience but also to make professional contacts. A large personal network is helpful - during the time in the company but also beyond the duration of your stay with us.

We look for students from different backgrounds, from Management to Marketing, from Accounting to IT or Engineering, willing to shape the future.

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What we offer

We want to give the possibility to make an impact and be involved in something meaningful for your career. The main trait of our programs is flexibility, as we try to combine real-world experience with needs of the students. 


Through this program, students can bring their strengths to the next level while putting theoretical knowledge to practical use. During the time in DTSE CZ, students join one of our teams with dedicated projects and activities. A Mentor from the chosen department will guide the student for the entire length of the Internship. We offer internships starting at three months up to six. Either you look for a voluntary or have a mandatory Internship during your studies; you can always find interesting opportunities with us. 

Summer Internship

Would you like to spend your summer break gaining experience in a multinational company? This is possible with us! We offer summer internships with duration up to three months. These programs usually start in June and continue through August or September. This opportunity provides a hands-on learning experience for young people.

Graduation Thesis

DTSE CZ offers this opportunity to students, about to complete their studies and would like to finish up with a qualified thesis and practical focus. While you develop graduation thesis with practical applications, you will are building up the fundamental background for your career. Experts on the subject assist and advise students, from onboarding them in their team and providing an overview of the company, to the end of the writing process.

Michelangelo Ischia
Michelangelo Ischia Communication Specialist