What drives us?

We base our motivation on incentive interactions with customers & colleagues about innovation possibilities in the constantly developing AI world that we transform into actions (use cases).

We are conducting researches and applying AI to our services to deliver even more innovative solutions to our customers and trying to shape a creative work environment for our employees to foster the start-up spirit.

Our focus points are both customers and innovations that we can deliver to speed up the digital transformation.
We set up realistic goals, minimizing time-to-market, taking an end-to-end perspective and ensuring that the solutions are easy to use. 

How we do it? We think and work agile to adapt to the feedback from the customer right away instead of using a push strategy for our solutions.

Furthermore, we want to help our colleagues ramp up their AI skills, to enable us to accomplish more and to allow us to spend extra time on our creative endeavours.

AI Core Team
AI Influencers
AI Tech Trainees

We believe everyone can drive the change! That’s why supporting our People is a core part of our business.

We offer AI learning journeys and AI community events for democratizing artificial Intelligence. This means making AI accessible to every employee within the organization so that it can enable every person to achieve more and to grow by jumping on the AI future-bound train.

We have created two training programs. The AI Influencer program for people curious about AI, data, with a strong interest in marketing and communication. 

The second program is the AI Tech Trainee for colleagues who would like to go deeper in the AI world and learn about Machine Learning, Python, Natural Language Processing, etc. 

That’s how we seek to build sustainable processes embracing AI and human interaction in DTSE.

What are we doing?
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