5 Tips for Working From Home During the Coronavirus


During the COVID-19 outbreak, we as many companies are suggesting that more employees work from home. If you’re not used to working at home, it can take sometime getting used to new challenges that you might not have at the office. It’s important to have a defined schedule and stick to it. Here are few suggestions from us.

Get ready

Wake up more than 30 minutes before you start your work day. Plan the time to prepare both mentally and physically for the day. Change your pajamas and take your breakfast every morning.

Set up the "right" work space

Assign a dedicated ergonomic work space with a comfortable chair and good lighting, away from distractions. This will help you divide work and personal life, you can "walk away from work" at the end of the day.

Set up the "right" mood

Music can help with productivity, listen to a playlist that gets you in the zone and helps you focus. Having plants around is very effective in increasing productivity and decreasing stress levels.

Make a schedule

Plan when you will have your working hours, breaks and stick to it to avoid overworking. Communicate your schedule to the people you live with so that you won't be disturbed during meetings. Log out and turn off all work related notifications at the end of the day.

During meetings

Use headphones and mute yourself during Conference calls if you're not talking to minimize the amount of background noise on the line and avoid sharing your personal life with your colleagues. Use Chat status to notify your team whether you're available or not.