We are Regioneers!


We proudly belong to the #Brnoregion!

What is the best city in the Czech Republic to live in? Probably you would have answered Prague, but actually, this is not the right answer! 

It is a highly contested title, but after asking over 300,000 people from more than 8000 cities, Numbeo came up with an answer. So, a big clap for Brno! 

It may not be Czech Republic’s largest city, but dynamic Brno is the place that has the highest quality of life from all cities in the Czech Republic. 

According to Numbeo.com, this evaluation was made considering aspects like cost of living, location, housing affordability, crime rates, and health system quality and commute times. 



The Czech Republic is 22nd in international living standard comparison lists, keeping its high position in long term view. Moreover, there is something above the numbers and statistics: the unique and original beauty. You must come and see it.

Not only is the size of Brno, the location of #brnoregion is excellent too: you reach your destinations anywhere in Europe on the road or by air in few hours.  

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