#dtseczpeople: Katka


Meet Katka: a member of our HR Team and one of our Brand Ambassadors.

Tell us something about your journey in the company… 
Well, the journey was and still is amazing for me. I have started in DTSE CZ in August 2019. I thought that I have no chance to become part of this company as I was a student without any experience with HR. Once Verča (our recruiter) called me that I was successful, I was so delighted to have my first job in HR that I immediately took it, and first two months I had two jobs at once. It was a hard but great choice as I am very happy to be part of our HR team. 
In almost two and half years, I have grown both professionally and personally and I love it. 

How do you understand the „unlimited opportunities“ of our value proposition? 
We have unlimited opportunities in so many areas.  As an employee, I have the opportunity to grow, try new things. For example, new positions in the Job Rotation program. I have also an opportunity to improve myself via learning and training. As a graduate of Adult Education, I see the importance there and I am glad that our company too. People should never stop improving themselves. 

How would you describe the culture of our company from an HR perspective? 
As a student, I have tried a lot of jobs and a lot of companies. From factories to big international companies. And through all these jobs, I have not found a company culture like ours. I appreciate our personal approach. I do not want to applaud our department, but I have never had such great colleagues. I feel like a part of some kind of family there.  
I hope that all employees also feel that they can come with any problem or request to us. This makes the difference between us and other companies – the personal approach and willingness to help each other. 

Kateřina Malcová

As a student, how did you balance the time between study and work?
Well, it was not easy, but I used to it. I somehow worked together with school from the 2nd semester of my bachelor's study because I wanted to make my living alone. And in June, I have received a Master‘s degree. 
But I must say that with online school and home office, it was easier as I did not waste my time traveling, etc. What also made it easier is that I studied what I love, and I work in the same field. So, when it comes to investing my free time in school or work, I am okay with it. 

What makes a perfect Onboarding Day for newcomers? 
That’s a great and actual question as it is part of my diploma thesis that I was writing for the DTSE CZ environment in my school days... 
The cornerstone of the perfect Onboarding Day is the handover of clear information in small portions with people that are nice and patient. Relaxing the atmosphere is also beneficial.