Meet Pavel, our HR director


Pavel Jireček joined Deutsche Telekom group as HR Director of T-Systems Czech Republic, Prague in 2007. Later, he joined T-Systems Slovakia in Košice as Vice-President Human Resources. In June 2017 he took over the position of HR Director of a newly established location of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe in Brno, and currently acts also in the same position in DTSE Slovakia. He graduated from VŠE Praha and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Find out more information about Pavel in a brief interview.

Besides what we mentioned in the introduction, could you add something about your career in DTSE?

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve joined Deutsche Telekom and later also DTSE. It was a challenge in the beginning and I consider it a great opportunity in my career. I invested a lot of myself and the company gave me a lot in terms of personal and career development.

 Has HR been the area you wanted to work in from the beginning?

I consider myself a lifelong HR enthusiast. I always wanted to work in this field.

What inspires you to do your best every single day?

My great inspiration is the work in HR itself. I see a lot of sense in it. Thanks to the cooperation with my team and colleagues, who are usually younger than me,  we come up with innovative ideas and achieve significant results.

What are you most proud of at work?

I have always created a team of people who, according to my colleagues, was considered the best HR they ever had. And thanks to an open culture and friendly relationships in our company, I’m grateful I can meet colleagues not only during our working hours but in our free time as well.

Pavel, we know you are a “coffee lover”. How does this affect one of our company’s benefit–free coffee available to our employees?

My idea was to offer not only coffee to employees for free but also to offer it in an outstanding quality. From the beginning I was sure that it will work and I am glad we found suppliers who could bring this idea to life. 

Work-life balance is an important pillar of our culture in DTSE CZ. Could you tell us how you do like to relax?

Most of my free time I spend by reading history books. I enjoy cycling and last but not least, an excellent beer.