#dtseczpeople: Bunyodbek


Meet Bunyod, our Business Analyst from Uzbekistan!

Hello Bunyod, can you tell us more about yourself?
My name is Bunyod, I come from Uzbekistan. I'm married and have 2 children and I've been working in DTSE CZ for 6 years.

What exactly do you do at your job?
I am a Business Analyst in PTP Data Analytics Team. We utilize process mining techniques, specifically leveraging the Celonis Process Mining Tool, to improve and streamline operational workflows. I am responsible for Accounts Payable, Payments and Banking Streams. In simpler terms, we analyze and visualize the processes, providing insights into how workflows are executed and where improvements can be made. By doing this, we support teams to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by identifying bottlenecks, deviations, and inefficiencies.

You started at DTSE CZ at a different position. How did your internal move go?
Indeed, I started in DTSE CZ as a PTP Order and Invoice Clearing Expert. We unofficially called ourselves “firefighters”. We operated as second level support and our task was to clear more complex issues with invoicing documents and purchase orders. I was the active user of Celonis Process Mining Tool. After gaining 4 years of hands-on experience in PTP, I perceived the Data Analytics Team as a logical next step in my carrier. Once there was an internal opening, I didn’t think twice to apply for this unique opportunity. After two rounds of internal interview process, I was chosen for my current position. I’m also thankful that my former team manager also backed my decision, which ensured a seamless transition from one team to another.


You are not the only person from your family working at DTSE CZ. Was our company a clear choice for your wife?
Yes, we are a Magenta Family ♥ and I believe this was a clear choice for her. She works in DTSE CZ as General Ledger Expert in ATR Team. She is happy about her decision, to be a part of such a dynamic and family friendly company. I think you should invite her to one of your next interviews and ask this question once again ;).

What is the best advice you’ve received from anyone in this company?
I have them a lot. One that stands out for me, and which could be very helpful especially for our new comers is: "Act as if there is no hierarchy and you are talking to colleagues in the same level”.


What is your favorite thing about your team?
Our Team consists of talented solution-oriented professionals with a leader who supports a flat hierarchy. I like their non-standard way of thinking. They are so stubborn in the way that they never give up until they find solutions for the given tasks. This encourages me to paddle our canoe with even greater strength.

You are originally from Uzbekistan. Is the Czech culture very different from the Uzbek one?
Yes, it is different. It is mainly visible in Language, Ethnicity, Cuisine, Social Norms, Etiquette, Art and Architecture.

What is your favorite place in Brno or its surroundings?
If it’s a sunny warm weekend, then I prefer to spend the time with my family and friends in Kozí Horka u Brněnské přehrady. Here’s a picture of my time spent there.