#dtseczpeople: Jakub V.


Meet Jakub V.: He joined our company 3 times!

Jakub, can you tell us more about yourself?

Professionally, I’ve been with DTSE CZ since 2018, since the second year of my law studies, although I’ve had a few small pauses along the run. I’m currently the Data Privacy Expert in DTSE CZ, working mostly with German colleagues to ensure that we keep our data safe and GDPR is not only talked about but also lived. Apart from that, I’m an avid reader, movie and music enthusiast who loves a good joke shared over a beer. Overall, I’d say I’m a pleasant guy to speak to, be it about work, culture, or science.

How does your usual working day look like?

Most of the days it starts with a gym session – I wake up around 5:30 AM to get that off my list before work. 8:30 the working starts. On the better days there are fewer calls and more time to work on the tasks themselves – when you have 6 calls in one day the tasks seem to pile-up faster than you can process them. The core of my work would be in data gathering and consulting (what is done, how is it done and can we even do it that way – from a Privacy perspective). But I always like to find a moment to socialize with colleagues. They’re a major benefit to my job!

You have joined the company twice: For the first time as an intern. Why did you apply for an internship at DTSE CZ?


Almost correct, I actually joined the company 3 times! I left it briefly because of Erasmus abroad study during my internship years. Back then I was looking for my first mandatory legal work experience and DTSE CZ caught my eye. I wanted to go for a corporate work setting, major brand if you get me, but not the old “strict hierarchy, rusty processes” kind of way – DTSE CZ had that start-up feeling to it.

After finishing your studies, you joined the company again. Why?

The fact is, I never intended to leave! Unfortunately, after getting my diploma, there wasn’t a full-time job for me at DTSE CZ, which is why I had to look elsewhere. After gaining some experience in the world of financial law, I’ve gotten a call from the company that a position was available, and the conditions were to my liking. Also knowing that my former colleagues/friends are still there made the decision easier!

You are a part of a small team. What are the main advantages and disadvantages?

We get to collaborate closely with each other, have no problem with flexibility and can communicate quite effectively. Plus, you can see the results of your work on the performance of the whole team. It’s certainly a good experience, even though the team size can be limiting for growth possibilities, and I imagine our team budget is also fitting to our size – small.

You spent some time in Germany: Was there anything that surprised you and anything that inspires you?

I must say I’m inspired by the German national spirit, they’re proud to be German, which is a thing I don’t find quite often within us – Czechs. And the biggest surprise? They say that Germans are always punctual, but that’s definitely not the case with their public transportation!

If we go back in time even further: As a child, what did you want to be?

Well, although, at times, I might have said: “Astronaut” or “Garbageman”, I’ve most often wanted to be which I am now – a lawyer.

Do you have any hidden passion or talent?

Would cigars, premium liquors and poetry qualify?