An international team of motivated people across countries and departments bringing the Start-up spirit into DTSE by advancing Artificial Intelligence and analytics initiatives.

We have the right mix of expertise in-house: project managers, CX managers and Data Scientists are coming together to help colleagues realize their AI projects.

AI is improving the services we deliver to our customers every day. The DTSE AI Incubator also wants to provide new ways of looking at existing problems, from rethinking our daily operations to discovering new areas of application.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning start with understanding the business problem which needs to be solved, not with the technology. Understanding is the key.


In our 4-month project accelerator program, from ideation to Proof of Concept, we test state-of-the-art technology such as natural language processing, machine learning, or deep learning on real use cases.

After the business owners identify a process or a task that Artificial Intelligence might improve, we then go through the “Double Loop Journey”. An ideation workshop (deep dive session with our AI Data Scientists) transforms ideas to a valuable use case.

During the four months, the magic begins and we create a prototype model in close cooperation between the business side and the Data Scientists. In the validation phase, we verify if the model meets the criteria of the Proof of Concept. If the validation is successful, there are two ways forward: operationalize or scale.

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