Eva, one of our Recruiters interviewed her colleagues and asked them what was their decision to work in HR, what they enjoy the most, and what they think is most important from the point of view of HR. Look at their answers in a brief article.

Why did you choose HR as your field of work?

Katka: I choose HR as my field of work when I was in high school and thinking about what I want to do in the future. I was in Economic school and I really liked economic and accounting but I was missing the personal touch in all these areas. Then I have found a university field Andragogy, and I found out that it is it. This is the field I was looking for.

Verča: As far as I remember, I always wanted to work with people. I consider this job very meaningful to me. I see a sense in supporting people and in helping them to find a job. What can be better? 

Kája: I have always wanted to work with people, for people, and this area offers both.

Petra: I am people-oriented, a good listener, an empathic person, someone who also likes numbers and charts and new challenges. When I was deciding about my future job, I put all these pieces together and my „HR puzzle“ was created. 

What do you enjoy the most about HR?

Katka: I like the variety. When you are a teacher or dentist, there is a certain idea of ​​what this job contains. But with HR you can do more accounting tasks, administrative tasks or, conversely, be in more contact with people, focus on recruiting. Personally, I prefer a little from everything.

Verča: I enjoy the communication the most - with our candidates and employees. I am also very grateful for the team I am part of, cooperation with my colleagues is so pleasant and effective.

Kája: The diversity of tasks I do. When I see my work matters and helps my colleagues, for example, to grow and develop themselves.

Petra: Everyday interaction and work with people.

What do you consider being important in terms of HR?

Katka: Definitely people - and personal approach to them. We are here for our employees and their needs, so we need to listen to them and try to do our best.

Verča: I would say that one of the most important pillars is communication and customer approach. All the HR team members are in daily contact with so many people and support them with different things, and it would not be possible without efficient communication.

Kája: As HR is often said to be the face of the company, it is important to spread a friendly atmosphere and company culture and also listen to people’s needs and feedback.

Petra: These days it is the ability to adapt to new ways of working, redesign the employee journey in a digital world, support work-life balance and employee’s wellbeing.