#dtseczpeople: Jakub


Meet Jakub: Security Officer, Process & Project Manager and most importantly, a colleague that always makes us smile!

Jakub, can you tell us something about yourself? 
I was born and raised in Brno, finished my high school and bachelor's degree here, and then moved to Austria for my master's studies. I am a huge fan of sports! I enjoy playing tennis, football and golf with my mates. I also like to watch sports on TV, including those I don't do actively. I enjoy listening to music whenever I can, even during work. It helps me to focus a lot. 

How was your journey at DTSE CZ? 
I started in DTSE CZ during my studies as an intern. During this period, I tried working in different departments and positions. Our company at that time only consisted of a small group of employees who cooperated very tightly together. This experience gave me a better overview of the company itself, its processes and colleagues' tasks. In October 2021, I celebrated my 4th anniversary with the company, and I am more than happy about it! 

What exactly do you do at your job? 
Currently, I am responsible for data privacy and security and any audits related to the topic. Furthermore, I have the chance to be part of many exciting projects in different areas. Among my duties are designing, mapping and documenting internal processes. Also, I am a member of the Project Management Office. Finally, I represent the voice of DTSE CZ colleagues at the SE Committee.   

Jakub Mišinger

Did you always want to work in this area? 
During my studies, I never thought about working in this area. As an intern at DTSE CZ, I found out what I would like to do the most. So, when I was offered a full-time job in data privacy after ending my studies, it was an easy decision. 

What do you enjoy the most at work? 
There are several things I enjoy about my workdays. I have a chance to meet interesting and experienced colleagues from whom I can learn new things. I enjoy collaboration in my international team and the tasks we face and solve together. Also, being able to lead and participate in projects fulfils me. No one day at work is like another! It brings new challenges and opportunities!  

Tell us about something that happened to you that can happen only at DTSE. 
Cheering together with colleagues you do not cooperate with at work on a company-promoted beer session!

How do you spend your time after work? 
I play many sports and enjoy playing board games and cards during the evening. I also value time with my friends and family and appreciate sleeping! I love travelling and eating some good food during my holidays.