#dtseczpeople: Martin


Meet Martin: 1st level PTP Expert Senior and adventurous traveler!

Can you tell us more about yourself and your path at DTSE CZ? 
I have been working at DTSE CZ in the first level support team within the procurement department since October 2018. Currently, I am one of the senior agents, and my primary field is One.Source 2.0 – the principal platform for strategic sources within the DT group. Our team is responsible for the administrative and technical support of demands, sourcing events and contracts. We assist with vendor management as well. Since the start of the NextLevel project, we have helped with the tasks of the operative support (e.g., purchase order adjustments, order confirmations) more and more. 

Do you recall any remarkable moments connected to working in DTSE CZ? 
There are three things I would like to mention. The first one was my participation in the talent programme of DTSE, where I met many great colleagues from different locations. And even if the covid situation complicated the event, I am still very grateful for this opportunity. The second one was visiting the Telekom Design Gallery in Bonn with Stefania. This trip helped me understand the strategy of DT and DTSE. For this reason, I recommend seeing it to everyone. And finally, I love all the quizzes we participate in as I am a competitive person.  

Can you recall and share with us remarkable moments from your personal life? 
I like to finish things once I start them, so it is always a special moment or day when I complete one of my “challenges“. Therefore, I recall visiting Avesta in the Dalarna region in Sweden (the last historical area I saw). I was standing in front of the largest Dala horse in the world and was thinking: “Done, what is next?”. I had the same feeling when I got a boarding pass for my first round of the world trip from Vancouver to Tokyo. I felt like Willy Fog at that moment! During the last two covid years, I continued with less adventurous challenges. I visited lookout towers and bakeries in the Moravian region. 

What tips and tricks do you find the most helpful in your position? 
As customer support, it is essential to be patient, be ready to explain the same thing and be assertive repeatedly. 

What do you like the most about working at DTSE? 
Next to my great colleagues, it is the company’s benefits and the effort put by the DTSE into the work-life balance.  

Who or what is your inspiration? 
Cats. They are the best inspiration and teachers regarding assertiveness. 

How do you spend your time outside of work? 
I love planning travels and travelling, whether it is just a walk in the region, a weekend trip to Poland or a two-week holiday with ten flights included. During my travels, I take many photos (sometimes quantity wins over quality), so editing them after the return is very time-consuming. Next to this – but often connected – I like good food, and I am active as a language lecturer in various Czech-German youth exchange programs.