DTSE CZ Project Day


On the 12th of September, the first-ever DTSE CZ Project Day took place in our office!

And it thrills us that everything went beyond our imagination!

We base our culture on continuous feedback and we see giving and receiving feedback as the main source of improvement, therefore employees could not only enjoy a deep overview of which projects are running but also had the chance to suggest improvements for every project.
During the day, everybody experienced how these projects and our communities are improving our operations daily.

As most of the projects were started by the employees themselves, with no assignment by the management, they can be proud of their work!

The project “Health Offers” gives employees the opportunity to take part in sport offers like yoga, massage, football or stretching and also gives them the chance to suggest ideas for sports or health programs that they would like to be realized within the company.  

The “Events Committee” organizes most of the events in the company. Here at DTSE CZ, you can take part in many events throughout the year. The Events Committee works relentlessly to add new ones all the time. Just this year, the employees could enjoy the Health Day, a Game Night, an International Snack Day, a Summer Event and many, many more events.  

And if employees have a question, they can just ask “Chuck the Chatbot”. He is the first virtual colleague at DTSE CZ and will answer all questions newcomers or even long-time colleagues might have. So, if someone isn’t sure where to get a benefit card or whom to ask in case of technical issues, Chuck will tell them what to do.  

There are also projects to make the work-life easier for the employees. The “SharePoint” makes it easier for employees to share their work and ideas with our clients and the rest of the DTSE world. It also allows colleagues to work in the same document without the need to share it extra via e-mail.  

In addition, the project “Robotics” automates processes, which otherwise would normally be done by employees. The software can reduce the burden of repetitive and simple tasks of employees. It can copy and paste data, move files and folders, open e-mails and attachments, make calculations and many more things. 

We thank all colleagues who presented their projects, and those who took part during the day and are happy to say that we will continue to host a Project Day every quarter.