The Lighthouse Project


We embrace the concept that corporate responsibility is a thoughtful and practical way to give back to our society. As DTSE CZ, we focus mainly on people and environmental issues.

By being socially and environmentally accountable, we all play a key role in making our world a better place. As a business organization, we promote our corporate responsibility through the involvement of our employees and other community stakeholders.

Our colleagues already support various corporate social responsibility actions, such as the baking of delicious cakes on the international “Cake Day”, food and clothing donations and much more. 

We are glad to cooperate with organizations like Maltézská pomoc, Diecézní charita Brno, ParaCENTRUM Fenix, and the Food Bank Brno.

The last initiative recently launched is the Lighthouse Project.

How do we plant trees or revitalize cities with our business trips?
We motivate employees to book for their business trip accommodation that is cheaper than the daily limit stated in our policies. 

Why do they do that? They want to protect our environment! 

DTSE collects the difference between the daily limit and the actual price of the booked accommodation and donates it to organizations taking care of our environment. 

In the Czech Republic, we collaborate with the organization Sazime stromy, an organization that takes care of planting trees around the country.