Employee voice matters and we care about it!

One of the pillars of our Value Proposition is Employee Participation and Recognition. Therefore creating opportunities for our employees to have a voice at work and give feedback was a fundamental element for us.

Employees can influence their working conditions and this helps to build open and trustful relationships with our colleagues and contributes to our organisational success. People are more likely to show commitment to the organisation if they have a voice, and sharing views can lead to greater innovation, problem-solving and productivity.

Starting one year ago, the program "You said it, we did it!" has generated an enormous increase in the amount of suggestions we receive from our employees. 


The program is quite simple. 

In every floor of our office, we have placed a board, where all the employees can write any suggestion to our Management. All the new ideas are then discussed during our Town-Hall meetings among all employees and subsequently, the Management decides if to take instantly action. 

From new benefits like the pension scheme contribution, to office improvements, we can say that many ideas have come out from the program. And we are very happy to turn ideas into action to satisfy the needs of our employees.