Shaping the future - DTSE innovation zone


Our customers are driving our decisions. We want to provide them with the most exciting customer experience by offering innovative solutions. Based on our culture as being an innovative company within the Deutsche Telekom group, we established the DTSE innovation zone.

This is a wide initiative to foster our innovative power, that inspires all DTSE employees to accomplish this mission!

We welcome all DTSE employees, from all functions and countries, to #takepart and to hand in proposals for innovative ideas. The goal is to find innovative solutions that solve customer needs and derive a value for our service lines. Selected ideas will receive full support of mentors and the DTSE management.

What’s in it for our Employees?

Time: We have their back - Free of operative work

Support: Management support to develop the idea

Personal growth: Skill development & the chance to bring the idea to life

Be part of the Community: Extend their network, shape the innovation community with highly motivated teams

Want to know more about the program? Check out the interview with the program manager Sandra Gerlitz here.