Learning@telekom | Percipio


Recently we have introduced Percipio, a new learning platform provided by Skillsoft, which among other courses include the Coursera catalogue. We have asked a few questions to our colleague Veronika, who has managed the launch on the platform in our company.

How did your learning offer change in relation to the recent events?

Education and development of our employees is one pillar of our value proposition. We regularly discuss the training needs of our people with managers and do not only offer online and external trainings, but we also have our internal trainers. If our employees are interested in providing colleagues with some specific knowledge, can become official trainers. For example, Excel, SQL or PowerPoint trainings with our internal trainers have already taken place. During current times, it became a necessity to work from home, so we worked hard to shift our effort into webinars and online learning tools. Therefore the new e-learning platform Percipio / Coursera was introduced.

Could you briefly introduce the platform? 
Percipio is an intelligent learning experience platform provided by Skillsoft. The coolest part is that within the platform, our colleagues can access also courses available in Coursera, the online platform founded by Stanford professors with courses from top universities worldwide.
The content in Percipio & Coursera is free of extra charge, regardless of how much content is consumed. The great news is that there is a possibility to use Percipio&Coursera via the Percipio App and to learn from anywhere at any time.  

What courses does the platform offer? 
Percipio offers more than 500 learning channels and learning paths, books and audiobooks on a variety of topics (leadership, business skills, technology & developer or digital transformation etc).  
Coursera offers a wide variety of topics such as computer science, languages, personal development, mathematics, digital marketing, engineering, humanities, economics, data science and others that are kept up to date. 

What is the timeline and content of the courses? 
It always depends on the course, the timeline may vary from case to case (from a few hours up to several days). The user can do a break whenever he/she wants and then continue with the course and complete it. We offer the platform as an opportunity, therefore every employee can decide and schedule trainings according to their daily agendas. 

What can employees gain by completing the course? 
In addition to the new knowledge/skills, the employee can also get an official certificate from top universities after completing a course in Coursera which is always a benefit.