Sharing Knowledge: Ondřej's experience as an internal trainer


Ondřej is one of our internal trainers. Today we asked him a few questions about his experience...

Who are you and what is your role in DTSE CZ?

I am Ondrej Hora and I am part of the Strategy and Business Development Team in Brno.

How did you come with the idea of becoming a Trainer?

I always wanted to try it because my mother and grandfather were teachers and I thought I’d enjoy something like this. When I joined the company, the idea of giving trainings popped up while talking to Sergei, the Managing Director. We decided to start with “Communication in PowerPoint” training as part of our Learning Academy, the DTSE CZ Campus.

The training includes some not-so-known functions of PowerPoint, but mostly focuses on how to structure a presentation to ensure the message gets to your audience. There are also some slide design rules.

How does your workshop look like?

I have prepared learning materials that we use and people can take home. We work through them in an interactive session. There are 4 tasks assigned during the training to make it interactive, not a one way lecture. The whole training takes about 1,5 hours.

What you enjoy the most about it?

I enjoyed that people really liked it and the atmosphere we had. I was also glad to see a colleague stop by at my desk – we worked on his presentation in a follow-up session which was really hands-on real case. Looking forward to seeing more people stop by!)

What makes a good Trainer?

Just the will to do it!

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