Learning: the DTSE CZ Campus


Having in mind the creation of a single space where all the learning opportunities would be available for our employees, we have created the DTSE CZ Campus. This is the Learning and Educational HUB entirely designed and developed in our Intranet, offering various opportunities to our Employees. Today we asked the creator of The Campus few questions about it.

Why the creation of a Learning HUB?

One pillar of our Employee Value Proposition is Learning and Qualification: therefore for us a Learning HUB is the right space, that offers different learning opportunities. This helps us to have a vast offer for our employees and to meet their needs.

Why DTSE CZ Campus?

I wanted a name that could remind of the University time, associated with freedom and flexibility. This is probably one of the nicest times of our life, therefore the choice of this name.

What is offered in The Campus?

Employees have the chance to participate in a wide range of online trainings or download resources from our E-library, such as materials from universities, top consultants or e-books.

We also offer Certifications that allow us to recognize skills, that our colleagues gained over the time with us.

Additionally, employees can join one of the Communities of Practices we have in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe, or bring up their ideas and own project.

Last but not least, we also organize Workshops such as PowerPoint or Excel that any employee can attend.

How can Employees create their own project?

Our Employees are very creative and enjoy making things happen. We want to give them the chance to develop their creativity further and to work in teams on specific topics.

If an Employee has an idea, we make sure it receives visibility. The first step is the presentation in front of the Management which asks for adjustments or approves the project.

After approval, we promote the projects in our Campus. Once the project goes live, all other employees, interested in the topic, are free to join!

What do you like the most about it?

I enjoy giving our employees a chance for personal development. Whenever someone starts a training or a project I am happy to see that DTSE CZ is going in the right direction. I also like to see that many colleagues raise their hands and enjoy the possibility to train other colleagues. This makes us a big family!