#dtseczpeople: Aida


Meet Aida: our talented AP Team Coordinator!

Aida, can you tell us more about yourself?  

I’m Aida, a proud mother of two wonderful kids. Above all, I pride myself on being a strong, independent woman. I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’ve called Brno home for over 6 years now. I always strive to maintain a positive outlook on life and approach each day with optimism and enthusiasm. 

How can we imagine a usual day of an AP team coordinator?

As an AP team coordinator, a typical day for me begins with a warm greeting from my colleagues over a cup of coffee in the office, which I always look forward to. I start my day with the daily morning meetings to align our goals. I then spend a lot of time monitoring our sales channels, making sure everything is running smoothly and coordinating activities as needed. I help my colleagues by processing complex invoices, distributing updates, answering inquiries and processing trade taxes.   
In the area of ​​trade tax, I am responsible for my colleagues from Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Apart from my designated responsibilities, I make it a point to be accessible and supportive to my colleagues, whenever I'm needed throughout the day.

You have two children at home: How was your maternity leave experience, and how did it feel to be back with the team? 


I was actually only on maternity leave for six months this time. With my first child, it was a year and a half. I wanted to return swiftly as I always felt more comfortable balancing work and children rather than staying at home. After six-months of maternity leave, I returned initially on a part-time basis. I quickly realized that returning to work was beneficial for me. After a while, I transitioned to full-time, I returned to my previous role as a senior then after a few months, I became a team coordinator. My Team made it very easy for me to reintegrate. My managers welcomed me warmly, and I felt very comfortable in the company. It was manageable to have kids and work, as the company is very flexible, which I’m very grateful for. 

Balancing work and family life can be challenging. How do you manage your responsibilities both at home and in the workplace? 

Balancing work and family life can indeed be challenging. It really depends on the day; some days are easier than others. I must give credit to my husband, who helps me tremendously. We both manage these responsibilities together. So far, I would say we’re doing quite well. With two kids, there are numerous tasks and demands, but without my job, I wouldn’t feel balanced. Therefore, I always strive to end the day on a positive note. I find that working together as a team at home makes many things much more manageable.  

Is there anything that you miss in Brno compared to Bosnia or Germany? 

The food ???? Cevapi, Pita. There’s nothing better than traditional Bosnian food. And, of course, missing the family. But somehow, since we are multicultural both in the company and in Brno generally, it makes it a bit easier to cope with it. 

What do you appreciate most about being part of DTSE CZ? 

I would say, in general, the atmosphere, the company’s policy which is based on the trust in its employees. Everyone is aware of their responsibility, and that’s how we operate at DTSE CZ. Colleagues become friends. It's really enjoyable to go to work, and I am truly proud to be part of DTSE CZ family. 

What do you appreciate about yourself? 

I would say, the courage I have, firstly to emigrate to a foreign country, not just alone but with my family, not knowing exactly what to expect, making the best out of it and of course, hoping it gets even better. Professionally, what I appreciate the most about myself is that I am versatile, open-minded, I learn very quickly, and I don’t lose my positive attitude even under stress.