My internship at DTSE CZ: Pavel's experience


Meet Pavel who recently completed an internship in the HR department. We asked him a few questions his experience

1. Why did you apply for an internship at DTSE CZ and what were your expectations?

It happened by accident. Our faculty offered the opportunity to complete an internship at DTSE CZ, but I wanted to find an internship on my own. I had the experience that the practice offered by the school is usually not worth much. Therefore, I turned to several companies dealing with human resources, or large companies that have their training department. I also considered an internship with my current employer. Unfortunately, because of my heavy workload, I did not bring any of the negotiations to a successful end. I turned to the school internship offer and contacted Kateřina Malcová from HR. I noticed already at the first meeting how wrong I was at the beginning.

2. How did the internship go and what was the content?

I would evaluate the practice positively, especially thanks to the approach of our “teacher”, Katka Malcová. Katka acquainted us with all activities of the HR department, such as working with the company’s benefits, internal systems, HR work processes, company structure. It surprised me how many activities one person can perform within the HR department.

3. How did you like our company? Could you describe our company’s culture and atmosphere?

There is a very pleasant and friendly environment in the company. At the beginning, I thought I will evaluate this atmosphere differently. I thought everyone treats me well just because I’m new here. But my assessment has not changed. I like the way employees communicate with each other and the way of communication between employees and their managers. I have not encountered yet a superior willing to listen to employees at such a level.

4. How was the cooperation with the HR team?

I dislike repeating myself, but I would say that the company atmosphere is reflected a lot in the teams. During my stay within the HR department, I’ve experienced no one from the colleagues refusing to help me. As a part of my internship, I also monitored the level at which other HR members cooperate. I can only say the same thing here.

5. What do you take away from your internship and what would you like to do in the future?

I cannot say that I have a deep, automated knowledge and skills that I can apply immediately. Thanks to the practice, I take a broad insight into the area of HR activities. I find it particularly beneficial to be aware of the requirements for potential employees. But I still can’t estimate how this experience may affect my professional future. Most likely, I will remain in my job, where I have been working for 10 years.

6. Would you recommend a similar experience to other students? Why?

Definitely yes. DTSE CZ has quite high demands on its employees. It can open the eyes of young students and motivate them to step up their efforts. Many graduates can join companies after finishing the school, the quality of which will be low in many activities. However, thanks to good practice, they can become carriers of changes inspired by similar practices as well.