Job Rotation: Mai's experience


Mai has completed the Job Rotation program, which allows our employees to work for three weeks in a different position within our organization, gain new insights and perform new tasks. Today we are learning more about her experience!

Can you tell us more about you?
I am Oumaima but everybody calls me Mai. I’m from Morocco and studied industrial and logistics engineering. However, I realized I didn’t enjoy engineering that much and changed my field to project management. I’m also interested in event organization and any topic that touches employees and events. Two years ago, I moved to the Czech Republic and started at DTSE and I enjoy it.  

When and why did you decide to join the Job Rotation Program? 
I joined the program last year, because I have already done a few projects in the Communication and I joined the events team. I wanted to learn more about our company from a different perspective. 

Which were your tasks?
I started with the redesign of our company presentation, then I focused on creation of new slides for our internal displays and could a develop strong knowledge in social media.

What did you like the most?
I like everything I did. No tasks were boring. It was fun for me as I could use my creativity and learn more about our communication department.

What did you learn?
I am happy I was part of the development of our internal Chatbot, which I think will represent a big improvement for our internal communication.

Would you suggest the program to a colleague and why? 
I think the program can really help anybody to find the way in their career and it is also an opportunity to learn about new topics and expand your knowledge. It does not matter if you change position after the program, you still have the chance to learn something new. I definitely recommend it!