DTSE CZ innovative workplace: Bring Your own project


Employee participation plays a key role in our company. We want every single person joining our team to feel included from the first day and to bring in creativity! We recognize creativity as a key aspect of human development and growth.

With this vision, we set up the Bring your own project programme. And the result has been wonderful, so far! 

A Chatbot for internal communication, a community organizing healthy activities for our colleagues and a collaboration platform are only a few of the outcomes. 

Why Bring your own project?

We believe People are most engaged and do their best when they get to work on things that interest them. 

After a presentation to our management team, the employees find an executive sponsor and start working on their idea! They can spread the message to other colleagues who may join in along the way! They take the leadership and drive their ideas to successful implementation, the PMO office is ready to support them during the journey. 

Our colleagues had the chance to present most of the initiatives and projects during our last project day.