Building up a local Digi Community...


The goal of the community is to facilitate knowledge sharing between tool experts and employees.

Whether is about daily work or starting up a new project, the community is there to support, by making DTSE technologies and tools available to all employees to develop ideas further.

Today we interviewed Tünde Vas, International Compliance Manager and Michelangelo Ischia, Project and Communication Manager who are working on building up our local Digitalization Community.

How would you describe the Digitalization Community? 

Tünde: This is a new Q4D (Qualification for Digitalization) initiative, where the demands for expertise meets the supply. To make it simple, we make knowledge sharing possible not only locally but also among all the international locations. We are building the Digitalization Community CZ, where members are colleagues with a deep knowledge of certain tools and are ready to share their knowledge and support other colleagues. The purpose of this community is to ease the burden of colleagues‘ daily routine by offering digital solutions to save time and to solve more complex tasks. This community enhances collaboration and communication between colleagues. 

Michelangelo: I like to think of the Community as a platform. It is the right place for learning something new. I am glad our tool experts joined us and showed their interest in supporting new colleagues and sharing their knowledge. From tools we use in daily life, like PowerPoint, Excel, SAP, DocuSign, SharePoint to more complex projects within the AI Incubator, Chatbots or Celonis, I think we have a good offer. 

How does the Community support other colleagues? 

Tünde: Let’s assume that you want to simplify your daily routine or you have a cool project idea but you do not know how to achieve it. In these cases, you can contact the Community and our tool experts will help you find the right solution. Imagine you deal with an Excel file and you waste time with manual tasks? The Community members can help you out with macros, formulas or functions, that can save you time.  Or imagine you have to prepare the same reports every day. Then you can create a Front-End Assistant for that. 

Michelangelo: The Community also helps colleagues who want to try something new and start using new tools in their work. There is more than can be tried out. The willingness to do it makes the difference.

Who is your first stakeholder?

Tünde: I wouldn’t name one specifically, because everyone can take advantage of the digitalization initiatives this community support.

Michelangelo: The Community is open to help any colleague, but I would say it requires having the right mindset. Colleagues, who want to changes the status quo, who want to improve their daily work or are just curious to explore new tools, are the ones who mostly will approach us and ask for help. 

What are your next steps? 

Tünde: We are currently working on setting up the Community and creating a brand-new YAM page. Our goal to keep this enthusiasm, find more topics to be digitalized and promote those within the whole DTSE. You can count on us! 

Michelangelo: Along with what mentioned Tünde, I think we will also organize an Intro Call with our colleagues, where we explain what is this all about and we are thinking also of Tools Intro Sessions so that all colleagues can get an idea of which help they can receive.