Yoga with Martina


Martina is a member of our General Accounting Team, but also our amazing Yoga and Stretching Trainer. We asked her a few questions about healthy activities.

How did you start with yoga? How long have you been practising yoga and stretching?

Yoga appeared in my life for the first time when I was about twenty years old and it happened via the book Yoga from André van Lysebeth. I followed the book’s instructions about original positions and the breathing exercises, however, after a few weeks some big events took place in my young life, so I stopped practising.

The second time I met yoga was about ten years ago. I was looking for some enjoyable exercises and at the time power yoga just became very popular, so I started with this dynamic style of yoga. Later I wanted to learn more about the asanas (yoga positions) and pranayama (control of breathing or breathing techniques) so I started attending yoga lessons and workshops for different styles. Finally, I decided that if I want to learn about yoga, I should start with the yoga teacher training. I finished the course and for my yoga path, it was the beginning. 

Since then, I have attended many yoga seminars and workshops to gain more knowledge. Recently, I also finished the Ashtanga teacher training for the first and the second series.

You offer yoga and stretching lessons in our company. How do they look like?

Yoga lessons take 45 minutes:

We start with concentration on our breath followed by slow stretching to move the spine. Then we slowly move on to a more dynamic part of the lesson and two standing positions, mostly using the vinyasa flow style. Before the final relaxation, there are several positions on the ground to strengthen or stretch selected parts of the body.

Stretching lessons take 30 minutes:

We start at a standing position and we stretch the entire body, the shoulders, the back, the sides of the torso, the legs. If people sit in front of the computer for many hours, it is good to stretch the complete body by gentle dynamic exercises. Then we focus on a part of the body and stretch this part with gentle exercises.

This is our Martina :)


What is the biggest benefit of the lessons?

Not only about healthy exercises help us to keep the body healthy and flexible, but it is pleasant to take a short break during the working time and move a little, calm down, focus on the body and have some fun.Yoga and stretching can be a pleasant time in the company of colleagues. 

And the best benefit is we do not have to go anywhere out of the office and during these times, we can exercise in front of the computer.

I say YOGA, you say...

It is a way of life or an attitude towards life and I can also think of people that bring me health, harmony, peace, joy, friends...

How would you motivate colleagues to join the next yoga/stretching session?

If you choose yoga or stretching lessons, you also choose the benefit of doing something for yourself.

I set all the lessons up for beginners and intermediates. Sometimes when people come to lessons for the first time, they do not feel comfortable; the positions seem to be difficult but if you do not give up then after a short time you will feel the improvement and all the benefits which yoga or stretching can bring to your life. Let us do it all together!