#dtseczpeople: Lenka


The #dtseczpeople series start with Lenka. She is from the Czech Republic and grew up near Brno. After school, she moved to Prague to study international trade. During that time, she also spent one semester with Erasmus in Aachen in Germany. She told us a lot about her job and shared her experience from her time with us. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Can you name a difference between the Czech Republic and Germany?

I think there are many differences. One that caught my attention is that Germans always follow the plan and go until the end to find out if it works or not. Czech people are more flexible and can change the plan in the meantime.

What is your role in DTSE?

I started working here as technical support in November 2017. We supported strategic sources and suppliers who have technical queries about a sourcing platform. In March 2019, I took the challenge and became the team leader of the first level support team in Brno.

What do you like most about DTSE?

I admire the space for opportunities and the openness for new things and ideas. If you have an idea and you will drive it, the management gives you the full responsibility to make it happen. I like the end-to-end approach.

I say DTSE; you say…?

Strong team, international cooperation and lots of magenta.

Do you remember the first day with us? Which feelings crossed your mind?

Everybody was very kind and helpful. We were 10 people starting that day and everyone was full of expectations. We were a small company with only 35 people, so the atmosphere was very cozy. Many of us were going on business trips during that time and we received a lot of recommendations on hotels  and restaurants.


Lenka and her team.

One thing you like and dislike about your job…

I like the team spirit and how the team works together. You can always get help if you need. It is a good atmosphere which in return brings results. If I have to say something I don’t like…. It’s a situation which you cannot influence but you have to cope with it and explain it to the team.

What is the best memory of DTSE so far?

The very first training I had before I even started. Me and other colleagues went to Germany for the training and had a great time there. We had a great opportunity to know each other, which helped us during the tough transition time.

As a child, what did you want to become?

I wanted to be a seamstress, but I can’t remember the reason anymore.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I would like to manage a great team, gain more experience in the leadership role, and supported by a loving family.

What is your motto?

“Believe you can, and you will.”

Who inspires you?

I don’t have a role model. Everybody has something that inspires me, whether or not he/she is famous. For example, I appreciate Steve Jobs for his simplicity or my former boss for her strength to overcome every obstacle and her big heart. People who overcome a serious illness and don’t lose their life passion and energy are also very inspiring.

What is your favorite Telekom Guiding Principle?

Team together–Team apart

Where would you go if you could time-travel?

I enjoy travelling and always wanted to travel around the world. So, I would like to travel through every time period. I think in every period and every country there is something nice and something you can learn from.

Best place in Brno?

My favorite place is Holedná Forest. It’s just on the edge of the town, you can see deer and other wildlife running around. It’s cool and you can also feed the deer.