#dtseczpeople: Maria


The next protagonist of #dtseczpeople is Maria. She is from Slovakia but moved to Brno 17 years ago already. She joined Deutsche Telekom Services Europe as Senior Accountant, but many things have changed since then. Make sure you don’t miss her story!

Can you mention one difference between the Czech Republic and Slovakia?

I would say there are more differences! I come from a small town in Slovakia where it was hard to find work opportunities, therefore; I moved to Brno. The other option was Bratislava, but I chose Brno because I think Czech people are very nice and friendly.

What’s your role in DTSE?

I joined as a Senior Accountant, and during last May I took the opportunity and became Team Lead. However, since we’re still looking for a new Senior Accountant, I’m doing both jobs.

What do you like most about DTSE?

The people are nice and the whole team is very helpful. In addition, our management is very open and always helps when needed. They are also paying attention to the fact that the deadlines are achievable. And we have a great work-life balance here at DTSE.

I say DTSE; you say…?

… count on me.

Do you remember the first day with us? Which feelings crossed your mind?

I was excited and looking forward to learning something new, as I am working in a more specialized field here. I perceived that the colleagues organized the Welcome Day very well. They contacted us prior to that and sent us the schedule beforehand, and there were little presents for everybody on that day. It was an exciting atmosphere.

What is the best memory of DTSE so far?

My favorite memory of DTSE is the visit to Cologne for training after 1 month. I hadn’t been there before, and it was good to meet the German colleagues and on a personal level to do some sightseeing and explore the city.


Maria made it to the DTSE CZ Wall of Fame!

As a child, what did you want to be?

I wanted to study pharmacy, but then I realized that natural science doesn’t interest me that much. And as I like math and languages, I chose business management instead.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I would like to be in a senior management role and decide on more strategical topics.

Who is your role model?

For me it has always been my mom. Although she is not in a top management position anymore, she was before in finance and she also gave her children so much in her private life.

What is your favorite Guiding Principle?

I am T - Count on me.

Where would you go if you could time-travel?

I like it right here where I am at the moment.

What’s your favorite place in Brno?

Now it is at home, but when I was a student, it was around Spilberk Castle. It was very nice to relax there.