#dtseczpeople: Jiří


For the third episode of #dtseczpeople we met Jiří. He studied economic policies which he liked because of the connection to history and geopolitics. During his studies, he also spent two summers working in the USA in Maryland. He joined Deutsche Telekom Services Europe in January 2019. Make sure you don’t miss his story!

Can you mention any difference between the Czech Republic and the USA?

In the USA, the mentality of the people is very different. You can meet super smart people curious about you and what you represent. They will help you no matter the effort or financial cost. But also, people who are super weird or I had a fake feeling about them. And everything is huge! Cars, meal portions, people, roads and distances. The excellent customer service also surprised in different occasions such restaurants, banks, casinos, shops.

What’s your role in DTSE?

I work in General Accounting, but I don’t do accounting. I’m building software robots that help my colleagues in their daily work and make it more efficient.

What do you like most about DTSE?

I like that the management isn’t that restrictive. My manager lets me choose my topics and have my responsibility.  You can only be responsible if you have space for your own decision making. If I have an idea, I can just do it. If I fail, it’s an opportunity to learn from that.

I say DTSE; you say…?

… my employment. For DTSE CZ, I would say an enthusiastic place I go every day.

One thing you like and dislike about your job?

I like the creativity of my role. As a developer every day and every task is different. There isn’t a routine, so you must think about every task. Which is also a disadvantage for the moment you don’t want to be creative or think how to solve a “robotic puzzle” to continue.

What is the best memory of DTSE so far?

Just after I started at DTSE, I was doing my training in Cologne and Bratislava. It was my first time in Cologne, and I enjoyed the trip a lot.

As a child, what did you want to become?

I wanted to be a garbage collector. I thought it would be cool being able to always hop on and off the truck. Feel the wind as the truck moves… However, over the time this desire changed.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I don’t have such a plan, I only think about the next two years. However, in ten years I want to have the feeling that the last ten years were great. That I did all I could to make myself and people around me happy. And that I live through daily adventures which create simple memories.

What is your motto?

I never thought about it. I would say I believe in people, individuals. So far, they haven’t let me down. There are ordinary people with a great story, important life values, driving ideas or just interesting things they try to be better in. 

Who is your role model?

There isn’t a specific person who inspires me. My friends, family and colleagues, all have something inspirational. Rather than having just one role model, I build one from several people.

What is your favorite Telekom Guiding Principle?

Team together—Team apart

Where would you go if you could time-travel?

I would like to go far to the future. For example, to the year 3000 just to see we’ve managed everything and overcome all challenges of our time. However, I want to forget everything afterwards to prevent spoilers..

What’s your favorite place in Brno?

The area of Kravi Hora as I lived there. I had to move but I still enjoy going there.  It’s a beautiful place on a hill with the planetarium of Brno but also with the Wilson’s forest park, ideal for a walk or a run.

Can you think of a DTSE-related anecdote you would like to share?

That would be some bad IT jokes…