#dtseczpeople: Nikol


The #dtseczpeople series continues with Nikol. She studied history and psychology in Ostrava before doing a second bachelor’s degree in marketing and management in Karviná. Make sure you don’t miss her story!

What’s your role in DTSE?

I am working in the Procure to Pay (P2P) field and my department is responsible for invoice clearing. I joined in April 2018 We are dealing with electronic invoices for customers and deal with data fleets. 

What do you like most about DTSE?
I enjoy the atmosphere. There are a lot of great people to work with and most of my colleagues are my friends. In addition, we have an awesome work-life-balance and get a lot of opportunities to prove ourselves. 

I say DTSE; you say…?
… running magenta

Do you remember the first day with us? 
It was amazing. Everything was new, and we got plenty of stuff like laptops and phones. Plus, the buddy program is very good. I was asking questions all the time.

One thing you like and dislike about your job...
What I like about my job is that although booking invoices is straightforward and you don’t really have a lot of creativity while doing it, I can always try to improve it by making it better, faster and more user-friendly. It’s always a small challenge then.
And one thing I dislike about my job is that sometimes I forget to go home. I’m so absorbed into my work that I don’t realize how late it is.  

What is the best memory of DTSE so far?
The best memory is from the Half Marathon. I’m not much of a runner, but a colleague persuaded me into taking part in the Half Marathon in March and again in the T-Mobile Run in June. He motivated me a lot, and I was getting better and better.

As a child, what did you want to become?
When I was young, I wanted (as probably most girls) to be a princess. Nowadays, though I’m older, I would still like to get that letter from Hogwarts.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I would like to be a trainer someday. I enjoy being connected to other people, especially newcomers and make them feel welcome. I also like to teach a lot. Plus, I already was an instructor and would like to do more in that area.

What is your motto?
Mindset is everything, your life is just as good as your mindset.

Who is your role model?
Maybe unconsciously because right now I can’t think of one. But in the baking world, it is Cat&Cook.

What is your favorite Telekom Guiding Principle?
I am T–Count on me, as everybody can count on my help when needed.

Where would you go if you could time-travel?
I really love the time of Ancient Egypt and the pyramids, so I’d like to go there. However, I’m also curious about how it will look like in about 1000 years. I mean, maybe we’ve inhabited new planets which I would also like to see. So, if possible, I would do both.

What’s your favourite place in Brno?
Björnson´s park near to city centre. There are mobile houses with amazing coffee and deserts, programs like yoga and sometimes food festivals take place there. You can also just take a blanket and enjoy the day out there.