Fit? Renata´s experience!


Renata is one of the first employees of DTSE in Brno. We have asked her opinion about work-life balance within our organization.

When did you join DTSE CZ and what is your role?

I belong to the very first employees of the General Accounting department in Brno and I am part of the Hungarian team. Actually, I joined the company a year ago.

What was your idea of work-life balance before joining DTSE CZ?

I think for those people who are working full time and being, full time’’ parents might be difficult to prioritize and manage the daily tasks even if they have good time management skills. I do not have a family yet but sometimes it was difficult to find the suitable balance between the work and leisure. Since I work for DTSE it goes much easier thanks to the flexible working hours and to my position, which allows me perfectly to adapt work life to my plans. 

How do you enjoy DTSE CZ Benefits?

Benefits mean for me not only the cafeteria plan but the great and pleasant work environment as well. I think our office is one of the most beautiful in Brno, modern and cool. I enjoy the possibility to have fresh fruits and refreshments in the office, which helps to keep a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy the stretching classes we have once a week. Great for the body!

Did you already use the Cafeteria Plan?

Yes, I started using it by purchasing vitamin pills, products for detox and my favorite cosmetic products. But I consider using my Benefity card not only for health usage but also for education. I will start a language course! Is time to study Italian, right before summer vacation in Italy where I use to come back every year!.

When it comes to offer to our employees the best possible work-life balance, we are in to try our best! Our colleagues Roland created a team entirely dedicated to Health Offer. You can read here about this great story!

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